Our cares

Nursing care

A.G.I.L Infirmiers provides all types of nursing care in your home or at the practice, Monday to Sunday, any time of day by appointment.

Nursing care

Toilet care


In-bed toilet

Injections and samples

Blood sampling


Subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous injection


Subcutaneous implant injection

Protocol: MAP, IVF, stimulation


Simple bandage

Post-operative bandage

Heavy, complex bandages (pressure sores, ulcers, wounds, detersion and irrigation)

Burn bandage

Ostomy bandages (digestive, urinary)

Plastic surgery bandages


Placement and monitoring of subcutaneous, peripheral or central venous perfusion (implantable chamber/piccline/midline)

Treatment perfusion based on hospital protocol

Management of diabetic patients on insulin pump therapy

Enteral and parenteral nutrition

Peritoneal dialysis


Bandage and perfusion on implantable chamber (PAC)

Removal and flushing of central line chemo (BAXTER)

Home treatment of immunocompromised or cancer patients


Antigenic test


COVID-19 serology


VDSI COVID-19 (Home Health Visits by Nurses)

Other cares

Blood pressure monitoring

Treatment administration

Eye drops instillation


Aerosol therapy

Fitting of compression bandages and stockings

We carry out all the treatments listed, as well as all others relating to the practice of our profession, on medical prescription.

Don’t forget to bring your carte vitale and prescription to your appointment, as well as any medical equipment prescribed.

Our nurses are registered with the health insurance scheme and equipped with a portable carte vitale reader.

We offer third-party payment for treatments not covered by the 100% ALD (long-term illness), CMU (french universal health cover), AME (french state medical aid), AT (work accident), occupational illness and maternity schemes.

Our practitioners may ask you to pay the amount corresponding to the complementary part once every 15 days, at the end of the month or at the end of your treatment.

By providing you with a proof of payment, your health insurance company will reimburse you within a few days.

If you don’t have a “Carte vitale”, you’ll need to show the nurse a certificate of entitlement from your social security.

In some cases, the practitioner will draw up a treatment form for you, which you can send to your health insurance fund along with your prescription for reimbursement.

Depending on the circumstances, extra fees may be charged. Your nurse will inform you in advance.

If necessary, your practitioner can prescribe any additional medical devices required (specific dressings, compresses, etc.).